Thursday, July 3, 2008

Product Review: I have Fuscia Fever!

So ladies,
I'm a sucker for a pink polish, if you know anything about me you must know this. If I have 80 bottles of nail polish (and that is sooo not out of the realm of possibility), probably a good 60 of them are pink. Pink polish and pink shoes, those are my weaknesses. Interestingly enough, I own no pink clothes. Weird huh?

Anyway, I was in Shopper's Money-Sucking Drug Mart the other day and was once again eyeing this new Revlon nail polish in "Craving Coral". It's a really pretty coral colour (obviously) that's great for summer. But then my eyes caught a glimmer of pink in the periphery and it was all over for Miss Coral. Because I had discovered the beauty that is Fuscia Fever and it was a wrap.
Then I brought it home and started to worry that I had just purchased a drugstore dupe of OPI Elephantastic Pink.

Sidebar: Every time I buy a new pink I start to worry on the way home that it's the same as a pink I already have. But it never is.

Fuscia Fever is a really pretty (blue-based) bright but not neon pink that is great against dark skin tones. Application was a bit tricky though. Like Elephantastic, you have to apply it like a sheer shade otherwise it streaks big time. I've just about mastered the technique (it only took about 20 years!) so it went on perfectly. and for once in my life I actually remembered to take pictures - peep them here:

Some of them are a bit blurry, I don't know why.

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