Monday, August 11, 2008

happy birthday poo!

i have to wish my little sister marshie-poo a very happy birthday!

ladies if you haven't already you should check out her blogs:
Superblackgirl Speaks and Big Brother 10 recap - Real Talk on Reality TV. she's a great writer - better than i - but she sucks even more than i do at keeping her blogs updated lol.

in her defense though, she's really busy. anyway, in tribute to my marshie-poo, here's some pics of us over the years...well the years since digital cameras were invented anyway.

have a great day marsh! loves you.


yummy411 said...

look at the two of you.. twins! i have 3 sisters and i'm a better person because of that! so i understand the sisterly love! happy bday to marsh lol... can i just say that she rocks those turquoise beads and a good smokey eye?... you know how in mags they take one item and pair it like 10 diff ways. i'd love to see that with her beads and the color combos! turquoise is one of my fave colors ;)

max.fabulous said...

lol yes my sister is really stylish - much more so than i am and she's great with makeup. funnily enough she is not as obsessed with clothes or beauty as i am but she's still so well-dressed all the time. that's why she's my idol :)

superblackgirl said...

Love yummy and max! thanks for the kind words and the birthday shout outs... and max is being much too modest -- she is a style guru! I was just looking in her folders on her computer for makeup tips.