Friday, August 15, 2008

my first "ask max" post - koffee dyme

Hi everyone!
I was so excited to see a reply to my "ask max" post - thanks Koffee Dyme for reading and participating. Hope you see you back soon.

She asked me "lets see... if you were to paint the face (make-up wise of course lol) what colors would you go for?"
I didn't want to post her picture on here without her permission, so check out her
site for her pics (and great info!).

Koffee Dyme I have a few different ideas for you:

My first thought when I saw your picture was that you should do great big bold colour. You have beautiful strong features and great hair so you definitely have the stature to pull of bold looks. I'm seeing beautiful bright teals like these great colours from Urban Decay (they have the best colours in my opinion)

Goddess - midnight blue with electric blue sparkle

Mildew - shimmery metallic green

Shattered - bright iridescent aquamarine

Or Cargo's Aegan

I also can see you in regal purples like these (also all UD)

Flash - bright iridescent purple

Last call - iridescent plummy purple

And pretty pinks like

Kiss - reddish mauve with silver glitter

and Hotpants - medium pink shimmer

So that was my first idea. But then I let it marinate for a while and I started imagining your face (but not in a stalkery way) and what I saw was gorgeous earthy tones like these:

Roach - reddish brown with golden sheen

Toasted - a muted copper shimmer

Smog - deep coppery bronze

and Cargo's Nepal - one of my all-time favourite colours.

But actually now that I think about it, you know what would be hot? If you did a surf-and-turf type look with the greens and the earth tones - like Smog & Shattered or Aegan & Nepal! That would be FIRE.

The last vision I had for you is pretty simple: just black eyeliner smudged on your upper and lower lids with a pretty pinkish lipstick like MAC's Sweetie. If you wanted to get really fancy you could go over the liner with one of those "fancy" black shadows like Lancôme's The New Black:

or UD's Oil Slick

And of course don't forget that with all this colour you NEED a primer like Urban Decay's Primer Potion!

Hope you enjoyed your reco Koffee Dyme. If you try any of these let me know how it went.


koffeedyme said...

Thank you Max!!!

I wasn't surprised that you went the blue/teals route. Since I'm still color scared, I was excited that you went the the direction I have been planning to go.. "EARTHY TONES"

Now I'm willing to try this. Where do I go to look for Urban Decay? Since you are a fellow T-dot blogger, you have more understanding of where things can be found.

Thanks again!!!

koffeedyme said...

One more thing I'm sorry about the photo. I lost it... There is a photo on my about page.

max.fabulous said...

Hi KoffeeDyme!
I'm glad you liked the suggestions. You can get Urban Decay at Sephora - you'll like it, the colours are great and the textures are deeeelicious.
If you try them I'd love to see pictures :)