Tuesday, August 12, 2008

a new feature - ask max

hi ladies,
so i was telling my friend pam the other day that what i really wanted to do is to set up a booth on queen street with a big sign that said "ask me about your look". then i could gently make suggestions to people about one thing they could do to improve their look. not in a mean janice dickinson kind of way, just people who wanted help from a (semi-)normal person about what they could do to improve the way they look. and pam goes - how about you do that with your blog?

i told you i was slow sometimes, right?

so the new feature is called ask max. send me a picture at willitworkforme@gmail.com and ask me something about your look. i wll give you ideas, advice, and always compliments - either privately or here on the blog.

if you don't have a question, make one up okay, otherwise my feelings will be hurt


koffeedyme said...

I found you through My fave blog.. Clumps of mascara... Finally I found another t-dot blogger!!!

As for the ask Max.. thing... imma a bit scared.... I got a big old.. photo of myself on my site... though.. i don't think i look like that anymore.. but hmmm but I think i'mma ask you something just to get it started....

lets see... if you were to paint the face (make-up wise of course lol) what colors would you go for?

superblackgirl said...

Can I send a picture of someone else? Who I think needs a makeover? Ha, ha