Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Product Review: Aveeno Cream Cleanser

Good morning ladies!
I'm making a concerted effort to make my posts shorter (internet writing 101) so I'm going to keep the preamble to a minimum and get right to the point:

Today's post is about
Aveeno Clear Complexion Cream Cleanser.

According to Aveeno's website, "this creamy cleanser gently exfoliates and helps clear and prevent blemishes while visibly improving skin tone and texture." It's also oil-free, hypoallergenic, noncomedogenic, gentle enough for sensitive skin. All of which is good stuff to me. This cleanser also contains salicylic acid, which clogged pore ladies should be allll about.

In a word, I loves this stuff. The first time I used it I couldn't believe how good my skin felt afterward. It felt smooth and deeply clean without any kind of tightness or stripped feeling at all. The exfoliating beads (while too sparse to really have an effect IMO) are small enough to be gentle but not so small that they dissolve on contact with water, as has been my experience with many other scrub type cleansers. To be honest, with this cleanser the exfoliating beads seem to be so besides the point that I think they just threw them in as an afterthought.

I'm addicted to this stuff. I can't stop washing my face and I even told my roommate that he should start using it too. I doubt he will, but I think it would be a great cleanser for men. It has just enough of the good stuff to keep them looking well-groomed without seeming overly metro, and the packaging and the smell are gender neutral (it just smells ever-so-faintly like mayonnaise). My only complaint is that you're supposed to massage this into your skin for like 30 seconds. That's a long time. So I only do that in the evenings. In the morning I just do it for however long it takes for me to feel like my face is clean.

The only thing is, I've only been using this for a few days so I'm a bit hesitant to give a verdict just yet. Does it clean my face? Yes it does. But will it make my complexion any more clear is a different story. I'm actually on a summer salicylic kick (I bought this, a day cream, a night cream, and some Oxy pads that all contain it) to see whether using a lot of this will help clear my skin. So far my skin feels better but I'm getting little pimples here and there which may just be because all these products are drawing the yuck out of my pores.

So the wiwfm verdict on this one is....we'll see.
(that's a new category I just created cuz it's my blog and I can)
I'll update you in about 4 weeks when I should be able to tell the difference. I've been taking pictures of my skin to track my progress. And no I will not be posting those on here!

If I forget to update you, please remind me.
Thanks ladies!

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McKinley said...

But Max...could you be getting little pimples because you've tried 49 products in two days?

I tried the oil thing. Yessss x 49.