Thursday, June 19, 2008

Random bits

Hai guise!
In keeping with my (new-found) tradition of mixing beauty posts with posts about my life in general, I'm going to post 13 random things about myself as of right now. Just cuz.

1. I'm wearing a lot of clothes for a Thursday in June. Leggings, pants, a tank top, long-sleeved t-shirt, a cardigan, my trench coat, and a pashmina. I also have my space heater turned up full blast and it's sitting no more than 10 inches away from me on my desk. And I'm not hot.

2. I'm feeling irritated today by my hair and my shoes.

3. I was looking at pictures of my crushboy today and I so badly (sooo badly) want to nibble on his neck. He is deeeeeeeeeelish.

4. I'm going for coffee with Dalia and Andrea. That will be my third time going for coffee today.

5. I went out for lunch by myself today because I was craving homefries. They were really good.

6. I still haven't seen the season finale of Grey's. I'm saving it. For what? I don't know.

7. I stalk the FedEx guy at work because he is so hot and smells so good.

8. I have been celibate now for 657 days.

9. The fourth toe on my left foot is extremely itchy.

10. I stole a pack of gum from my supervisor's desk.

11. I have many many more productive things I should be doing right now.

12. I'm frantically trying to figure out a way to get out of going to this stupid media party tonight.

13. I can't think of a 13th thing.

Well that was boring even for me. If you're still reading, thanks!

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